Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Voice of America: Flannery O’Connor, 1925-1964

I've read some of her stories and didn't "get" them. But many people love the stories of Catholic writer Flannery O'Connor. The Voice of America recently did a piece on her that showed up onliine. It is written and narrated in a "basic English" for students of English as a second language.
Flannery O’Connor, 1925-1964: She Told Stories About People Living in Small Towns in the American South

05 July 2008

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Anonymous said...

FC presents "odd" characters that at particular moments in their lives are offered or find redemptive grace. That moment may be when the individual is at the hour of death.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a lot of people make a big deal about her - but she cn't hold a candle to Danielle Steele. Sheesh!