Friday, October 10, 2008

Peter Kreeft, interviewed by Dartmouth skeptics

Peter Kreeft, a Solid Catholic and Professor of Philosophy at Boston College, a not so solid college, was interviewed last Spring by the Dartmouth Review, from a very Ivy League college where religion is "eschewed", they admit. [Mitchell Hadley points out in the comments box that the Review is a conservative student newspaper set up some 30 years ago in opposition to the prevailing Dartmouth culture].

The final question of the interview:

TDR: What can the Catholic Church do specifically to repair its image with the adolescents of America? What can be done to overcome the stigma young adults sense because of the recent scandals?

Kreeft: I’m tempted to answer that question either as a philosopher or as a strategist. But there are no effective answers there. The effective answers are to be found in a place like Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity houses. Visit those people and there’s no argument left against being a Catholic. They are the happiest and most saintly people in the world, and there’s no argument against that. The Dartmouth Review


Our Word said...


It should be noted that The Dartmouth Review is the conservative, independent paper at Dartmouth, started by students who were fed up with the leftist, political correctness of the "official" student newspaper. As such, it has been a friend to conservatives for nearly 30 years.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the correction, Mitchell. I should have been more skeptical.

I've always admired Kreeft, although I haven't read much of him.