Friday, December 26, 2008

Make a Christmas Pilgrimage, to St. Paul

Terry, the prolific blogger (I've lost count of the number of blogs he has), has a wonderful post at his Abbey-Roads (he's an unrepentant Beatles fan) on his visit to the Cathedral of St. Paul on Christmas Day.

Take your family and friends over there this week.


Terry Nelson said...

Thanks Raul! I looked for you there, thinking you may have been in the crowd. merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Same to you, Terry

I was at the Midnight Mass there with my sister, brother and his family. I looked around for you or anybody else but nary a soul was in view.

I think a lot of people attend the vigil Masses in the afternoon of Christmas Eve so they can sleep in Christmas morning (if they don't have any young kids.

There were a lot of "protestants" at the Midnight Mass. You knew they were protestants because they didn't go to Communion. Of course, these days, all Catholics have been immaculately conceived.

Merry Christmas to you, Terry.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

"all Catholics have been immaculately conceived"--LJ! Raul!

Anonymous said...

Raul Merry christmas to you.