Saturday, December 11, 2010

Melendez won't run for another term as DFL chair

Harvard educated attorney and divinity school grad Brian Melendez informed state DFL party leaders today that he won't seek another term as state DFL chair.

Melendez, who has faced some criticism after the party's disastrous legislative election results, is leaving after three two-year terms.

In a note to Central Committee members, he wrote about getting U.S. Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken elected on his watch, along with the new DFL governor, but doesn't refer to the DFL's disastrous legislative election results in November.

Nor does he refer to the "Ignore the Poor" postcard campaign that he authorized that became nationally known for its bigotry and ineptness. Here is a comment to this article that first appeared on Minnpost and has Melendez' complete statement:

It's not surprising that Melendez didn't mention the "Ignore the Poor" political postcard campaign that he authorized to attempt to save the Senate District 40 seat for the DFL.

This crude, multi-faceted campaign with three postcards mailings that in addition was aimed at Roman Catholics and their position against homosexual marriage while erroneously tagging them with being against the poor.

The messages of the postcards reminded voters of Archbishop John Nienstedt's mailing of DVD's to all the Catholic families in the State of Minnesota.

That campaign became known for its ineptness and bigotry quickly throughout the entire country, reminding people how how anti-Catholic Democratic leaders happen to be. Who knows how many votes were changed against Democrats partially because of Melendez's incredibly stupid decision?

The Catholic Church, its bishops, its agencies and its laypeople, and their agencies, are far and away the largest suppliers of charity to the poor in this country, not to mention being the largest private provider of education also.

Melendez must not have learned much when he got his Divinity degree from Harvard. Now he will have time to go back for a refresher course.

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