Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Repeat after me 18 times: "The Church's clerical abuse crisis was a homosexual crisis"

Tim Drake of the National Catholic Register has an article today, documented by a secular university, that no secular media outlet will dare reprint. You'll have to read it yourself.

Notice that I said "was a homosexual crisis." Because after the revelation of how serious the situation was, and how bad the cover-up was, beginning with Boston revelations in 2002, the Church began to take measures to ensure that this would not happen again. Virtually every parish in the country has undergone special training and the regulations prohibiting homosexuals from becoming priests were strengthened.

As a result, the 2009 Annual Report of the USCCB reported that there were only 6 new cases of clerical abuse in the entire country that year. Right now, the Catholic Church is the safest place for children in the entire U.S. All those articles you keep seeing in the newspapers are old cases dating from the 1960s to the 199os, finally being brought to trial.

This week, our elected officials voted to repeal the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. By so doing, for the first time in this nation’s history, they’ve opened the U.S. military’s combat forces to practicing homosexuals. It would behoove the military to take a look at how such an open policy toward homosexuals worked in another male fraternity, that is, the Catholic priesthood. . . .

The connection between homosexuality and abuse was clearly demonstrated in 2004’s The Nature and Scope of the Problem of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests and Deacons in the United States, otherwise known as the John Jay Report, which was conducted by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice [part of the New York State College system] and commissioned by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. . . .

Dr. Paul McHugh, former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, has said that the report shows that the Catholic abuse crisis was “homosexual predation on American Catholic youth.”
Psychiatrist Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons has echoed that.

“The John Jay report has revealed clearly that the crisis in the Church is not one of pedophilia but of homosexuality. The primary victims have not been children but adolescent males. Fitzgibbons told Catholic News Agency that “every priest whom I treated who was involved with children sexually had previously been involved in adult homosexual relationships. . . .

Following the sexual abuse crisis in the Church, and the results of the John Jay Report, the Church reaffirmed its policy in the 2005 statement, “Instruction Concerning the Criteria for the Discernment of Vocations with Regard to Persons with Homosexual Tendencies in View of their Admission to the Seminary and to Holy Orders.”

That statement indicated that “the Church…cannot admit to the seminary or to holy orders those who practice homosexuality, present deep-seated homosexual tendencies or support the so-called ‘gay culture.’” Furthermore, the statement went on, “Such persons, in fact, find themselves in a situation that gravely hinders them from relating correctly to men and women. . . .

Homosexual relationships caused a deep fracture in the priestly male fraternity. Pseudo-intimacy and intrigue replaced the outward looking evangelization of apostolic brotherhood. Bishops were unwilling to discipline the abusive priests under their charge. The Communio became divided. Religious leaders hid their own homosexual proclivities. The worst priests desacralized the liturgy and their vows and their priestly identity, while good priests often became isolated, fearful, and rigid. All priests were maimed. . . .

What will be the result once the military has been compromised by disordered love? What will happen when an 18-year-old recruit finds himself in an unequal power differential with a superior officer who wants something more than push-ups. . . ?

How ironic, that at the same time that Congress was voting to impose its morality on the American military, Pope Benedict XVI spoke with the Vatican Curia about the disastrous results of a corrupted priesthood.

In his Christmas message, Pope Benedict said that the Church’s garment has been torn by the sins of her priests. “We must ask ourselves what was wrong in our proclamation, in our whole way of living the Christian life, to allow such a thing to happen,” said the Pope, citing the reigning philosophy of the sexually derelict 1970s. “It was maintained – even within the realm of Catholic theology – that there is no such thing as evil in itself or good in itself…Morality is replaced by a calculus of consequences, and in the process it ceases to exist. The effects of such theories are evident today. . . .”

We have been promised that the gates of Hell will never prevail against the Church, instituted by Christ. The Armed Forces, however, carry no such divine promise. This radical disruption of the Armed Forces of the world’s most reliable Christian nation represents a desacralization of the male military bond. The center may not hold.

Read Tim's complete article here.


Anonymous said...

Repeat after me 19 times: "The Church's clerical abuse crisis was a Catholic hirearchy crisis because those in power were more interested in covering-up the acts of sexual predators than protecting future victims.

The Church hirearcy selected, trained, ordained, and put these criminals in positions of power and influence over Catholics all over the world and then ignored or facilitated their crimes. A case can be made that many in positions of power considered the sexual victimization of Church members to be one of the perks of being a Catholic priest. The hierarchy has much more work to do before they will regain the credibility that they have totally squandered.

Vianney1100 said...

vast majority of those who committed these crimes were homosexuals". Homosexuality is a disorder and these men should never have been allowed to become priests. Now that homosexuals are no longer admitted to seminaries we no longer have a problem. Although there are still pockets, mostly in religious orders where they still operate.

Michael J. Bayly said...

Ray and Vianney1100, you may want to read this before you embarrass yourselves further.

Anonymous, thanks for your comment.



Anonymous said...

Thanks, V MC

Unknown said...


When 81% of sexual assaults of post-pubescent boys were by male clerics, it makes no differences what one person's interpretation of those results are.

But the real problem, Michael is not that. The real problem is that the homosexual collective doesn't agree with the Roman Catholic Church on most things and is out to tear up most of its teachings so they can pursue their goals of unrestricted hedonism and sexual pleasure, even if the activies they engage in are more destructive than smoking and alcoholism.

Tell me, Michael, just what is there to be proud of on Gay Pride day? The results of male homosexual activities take as much as 20 years off of lives of participants.

Possibly more people have died as a result of homosexual activities, resulting from AIDS, venereal diseases, drugs, sado-masochistic activities and other things than did during World War II.

Anonymous said...


Media Matters?? Really. Their leftist pro-homosexual political agenda would in no way influence their opinion would it?

Enjoy your travels and Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

This is the worst kept secret out there. It doesn't take a lot of critical thinking skills to look at the abuse cases and determine that this is (was) a homosexual problem.