Friday, August 5, 2011

Part I Contraception & the New Dark Age : Part II Contraception & Salvation: Part III Contraception & Sanctification

Contraception is one of the greatest threats to civilization today. Although it is a moral evil of the highest order, it is practiced and promoted in virtually all classrooms, universities, and even from the pulpits of churches and cathedrals. It has influenced our entire culture - from entertainment to crime to marriage and family life. Wherever we look in the modern world, contraception's ugly hand has been lain on our formerly Christian society.

The Catholic Church has always opposed contraception as a moral evil, although individual Catholics - some of them in mitres and collars - have not. Please use these resources to learn more about the evils of contraception and how you can fight it.

Talks by Dr. Martin L. Brenner, SSL

Join Dr. Martin Brenner for his four-part series on contraception. Dr. Brenner is a Biblical scholar and expert on the subject of Catholic sexuality. His class is designed to be accessible for the average layman, and is offered for free by because of the exceptional importance of this subject. You can watch the episodes here online, or you can order them below.

Dr Brenner's presentations on the evil of contraception continue, with part II of his four-part series being available online right now.

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This is AMAZING!! Everyone should listen to these...what an amazing man...he is NOT boring...hearing this truth will make you cry!