Saturday, August 20, 2011

NCReporter: Protesters, pilgrims face minor confrontations on Madrid streets!!

I posted the following comment on the pages of a National Catholic Reporter story early this morning:

Protesters, pilgrims face minor confrontations on Madrid streets!!

You call adult, foul-mouthed, radicals confronting 14 year old Catholic children on a pilgrimage a minor confrontation?

You hypocrites should be so ashamed of yourselves for calling yourselves "Catholic" and a "Reporter." And your numbers are falling so much that I doubt if you qualify as "National" any more.

You're nothing but a political opinion sheet, fighting a losing battle against God and the Church.

Is there anything you like about the Catholic Church? Or do you just exist to steal money from aging Catholic dissidents?

Much of the protesting purportedly was about how much money the Spanish government was spending to subsidize the event. We won't know the offiicial figures for some time, but for 2005, when WYD was in Germany, the German government spend 15 million Euros to support an event with over one million in attendances. At todays rates, $1.5o, that's about $22 per adult and child pilgrim. I wonder how much money those adults and teenagers spent in German hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops and will spend in Spain? And Germany and Spain didn't have to spend a Euro promoting the event. NCReporter did write that article or the headline, but it is typical of their reporting. Nothing suipportive of the Church, just the complaints from old people that they aren't getting their way with the "millenial generation."

It doesn't look like Spanish youth doing the protesting in these Reuters photos. Just like here, aging dissidents.

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