Monday, August 15, 2011

Chicago UFO Stuns Viewers, Especially Stuns Media Outlets into Silence


Not a word in the Chicago Tribune nor the Sun-Times. Maybe they were "raptured."

One has to be filled with joy when you see some of the inspiring public demonstrations of faith taking place in Chicago, largely due to youth and leaders at St. John Cantius parish.

On Friday, August 12, a giant 75-foot floating Rosary rose skyward above Chicago’s Michigan Avenue Bridge.

The Rosary was the craft of 20 imaginative elementary-school-aged girls and their counselors participating in a summer camp at a Chicago Catholic parish. The girls prayed the Rosary in front of a Washington Avenue abortion business. They then carried the Rosary, cross-first, through downtown Chicago’s peak traffic to the honks and cheers of onlookers.

A six-foot-gold cross hanging from the Rosary sparkled in the sunlight as it ascended between the Tribune tower and the Wrigley building. The Rosary of helium-filled yellow balloons bearing the word LIFE then floated down Michigan Avenue over the Hancock Tower.

“It was the prettiest rosary I have ever seen. I liked how it would float up and sit and then float up and sit. It looked pretty against the buildings and the sky,” said one participant.

The LIFE balloon Rosary was the latest in a series of public demonstrations, prayer vigils, and flash mobs utilizing the yellow balloons across the U.S. Tim Drake in the National Catholic Register

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