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Doing a 180: Pro-Life Documentary Video Goes Viral


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If you haven’t yet seen the powerful documentary “180”, do yourself a favor and take 30 minutes out of your day to watch the attached film. It’s worth taking a look at and sharing with others. Just a warning - the film does contain graphic images.

Created by evangelical pastor Ray Comfort, the film features interviews with people on the street, many of them college students.

At first, you’ll be dismayed at the students’ ignorance of history, but keep watching.

Comfort goes on to present each of them with a hypothetical situation that goes like this:

It’s 1943. A German officer has a gun pointed at you. He wants you to get into a bulldozer and drive it forward. In front of the bulldozer is a pit in which there are 300 Jews who have just been shot. Some of them are still alive. He wants you to bury them alive! If you don’t do what he says, he is going to kill you and do it himself. If you do what he says, he will let you live. Would you drive it forward?

Comfort said that he was both surprised and sickened by many of the initial responses.

“I was surprised that so many said that they could bury another person alive. I felt sickened, but at the same time I don’t know if I believed others when they quickly said that they would take the bullet, rather than do it,” Comfort told The Christian Post. “I guess it takes a lot of soul-searching. It certainly is a character-test for each of us.”

Then, Comfort transitions to the topic of abortion. With just a few questions, Comfort is able to get many of them to reconsider their position on abortion. It’s amazing to see how they change their minds in just a matter of seconds.

Released just over a week ago, the YouTube video has already received more than half a million views. The film’s Facebook page has received between 800 and 1,000 “Likes” per day.


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About a year ago, Archbishop Chaput wrote a column about the Mission of Catechesis…. he starts with a reference to Shirley Jackson’s short story, “The Lottery” and a conversation he had with a teacher who taught the story over a nearly 20 year span. In the 70s (and 80s - I remember it in my college lit class) students expressed shock and indignation… discussed the meaning of sacrifice and tradition —in the 90s… students just found the story ‘boring’. When pushed to discuss it… they excepted the story as accepting different cultures.

the article is here:

The point being… no one is teaching the difference between right and wrong (or critical thought for that matter). An exercise as Drake describes (my plug in won’t let me watch the video… ) is critical for our society at any age to understand self and sacrifice…

Myself…. I’m not afraid to die. I long to see my heavenly father’s face… and my sister and dad. So I’d take the bullet - particularly to save others . Easy.

This movie is really powerful. I highly recommended watching it and sharing with your friends.

This video is a powerful way to see the two worlds in which we all live in tension: the one of devil and the one of the Holy Spirit. Our daily life is made, in fact, of struggle and choice. But the Holy Spirit can give us the hope of success even when we lose the game, thanks to our trust in Him. Veni creator Spiritus!

180 Movie: Interviewing Ray Comfort, The Man Behind The Film
The pro-life community has been buzzing for a week now about the “180? documentary. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it for free at I had the opportunity to interview Ray Comfort, the author and filmmaker behind “180,” to ask him some questions about the movie. You can listen to the full audio interview (12 minutes) by clicking here, or you can read the transcript below.

Josh Brahm: Ray, how did you come up with the idea for “180?”

Ray Comfort: Well, I was – actually it wasn’t planned. I wrote a book called Hitler, God and the Bible and told the publishers, WorldNetDaily, that I was going to create a video called Hitler’s Religion and go with it, took part of the manuscript and made it into a TV script and found it was just too big, too long, and too confusing and I actually gave up. I said, “Look, I’m taking a camera out in the streets to find out what people believe about Hitler” and we just abandoned the script. And I came back with 14 interviews of people who didn’t know who Hitler was. That really, really blew me away. And then I bumped into a guy named Steve who was a neo-Nazi, black-hating, Jew-hating, Hitler-loving, America-hating atheist who had a 14-inch blue Mohawk and that was very colorful footage. And then I was heckled by a German neo-Nazi, Jew-hater and we managed to get him on a hidden camera and a hidden microphone and then I bumped into a Russian Jew who happened to have lost his relatives in the Holocaust.

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