Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Only Reason You'll Ever Need to Love the New Translation of the Roman Missal



Fr. Andrew said...

I can't believe they still use bowls of incense?!?

BTW- more gray hair there than there is at "traditional" senses are being overwhelmed with 80s-ness...logging off before I commit a mortal sin prior to Masses...

Dave Johnson said...

I do not think a new translation will stop this type of thing from happening. Unfortunately, these folks think that there needs to be more performance art added to the liturgy.

I watched a few more videos. The bowls of incense and liturgical dancers make another appearance when the gifts are brought up. All in glass containers. The wine was consecrated in glass pitchers and then poured into glass cups.

I would love to know what the Eastern Rite bishops were thinking.

Unknown said...

Agreed, Dave. That's why this event is in Los Angeles, Mecca for performers.

Most of them will no longer be with us (me, too!) in 30 years or so.

If you look into church history at the big heresies over time you'll find most last a long time. But they do fade away.

This one comes under the name, "Modernism", and was first condemned about 1900. It's probably due to run out in those 30 years or so.