Saturday, March 27, 2010

What's going to happen to St. Bernard's "Bulldog Lodge" at the State Fair

Sadly, St. Bernard's will be shutting down it's high school at the end of this year. Apparently their intention is to sell their "Bulldog Lodge" dining facility at the State Fairgrounds that has been a fixture there for very many years.

Quite recently, it has also served as a home for the "Theology on a Stick" group that brought archdiocesan priests and young people together to discuss the Church and its teachings.

Does anybody know what's happening with regard to a possible sale of the facility?

Wouldn't it be nice if a bunch of Catholics, parishes, organizations and companies got together and pooled their funds and purchased the Lodge and kept it open for meals and more Catholic teaching.

The State Fair attracts hundreds of thousands daily from throughout the state and the upper midwest during the ten day run. Wouldn't it be nice to have a facility there to feed and talk to those people?


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Ray: I like that idea.Let me know if others agree or if anything comes of it. I don't know what is involved in getting a building at the Fair. From my (limited) understanding, there used to be a waiting list for new food vendors. Don't know if that is the same situation with physical buildings.

Unknown said...

You raise a good point. But if the ownership was left in the hands of St. Bernard's, with some subsidies from others.

They don't net that much each year, $25,000 for ten days.

There are parishes that net six figures for "festivals" that last only 48 hours.