Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cathy of Alex: Lentan reflection as Holy Week is Upon Us and a Sea of Troubles, too.

Catherine of Alexandria, blogging at Recovering Dissident Catholic: One year ago I was in a dark place. My job was not enjoyable. I did not get along with my manager. I walked out. I was uncertain. What was I going to do next? What would happen? All I had was faith.

It was enough. Faith carried me. I carried the Cross. When I could. I dropped it sometimes. Sometimes I fell. Sometimes I did not get up right away.

It seemed like things may never get better, but, they did.

I made it. The Lord provided. My prayers were answered. I was made whole again.
This Lent has been tough. A year later am I back to where I was?

Not alone. All of us who share allegiance to the Church founded by Christ are shaken.
It’s been a tough week.

I can hardly stand to pick up the paper. Every day on the front page is some new accusation.

Flawed people are in the church. I prove this every time I go to Mass. Who am I Lord?

Terrible injustices have been perpetrated in the name of Christ. They are false. They may never answer to our courts but they will answer.

If I write to Bill Gates do I expect that Bill Gates will read my letter? Yet, there are those who expect a Cardinal or the Pope to read all the correspondence addressed to him. Apparently, Santa also reads and answers all his own mail as well.

The same crowd who accuse the Pope of micromanaging are now upset that he does not.
The head of the Church is not the Pope, it’s Christ. Does that mean the Pope should resign? If it is the bosses will he will.

Don’t look to the media for answers to faith. The media does not understand what priesthood is any more than some sinful priests do. Thou art a priest forever…there is also no level of Hell lower than the one reserved for priests who have misused their office. Forever. Hell.

They will answer.

Everyone is trying to pile onto the quarterback while he is down. He will rise again. We know it.

The Church is dying. The Church dies each Lent. It always rises again. Be there. Watch and wait. Have faith. Sometimes we have to carry the cross.

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