Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Jesus of Nazareth"- Ratzinger; Times of London review

Yet there is a dogged impressiveness about the Pope’s exposition of scene after scene from the Gospel, a reading that finds it more logical to worship the Christ of Faith in the Gospels than to invent the vestiges of some Jewish prophet who had his words distorted by some later theological genius. Jesus was the genius. That is Ratzinger’s message, and the luminous intelligence of the exegesis will prompt many to respond with an Alleluia. Wordy as the old German can be, this reader at least felt that he had repeatedly identified what was haunting, indeed frightening about the Gospels. No amount of reasonable liberal “explanation” can evade the voice that comes through them – calling the reader not to a set of propositions, nor to a theory, but to a Person, who is at one with God. Times of London

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swissmiss said...

Couldn't get your link to the LT to work, but the Pope is quite astute and a fairly easy read...we all knew that about him anyway. Still, there are some who believe he is the anti-pope and sedes vacans. Satan sure likes to create chaos and confusion and dissent.