Friday, June 25, 2010

Ave Maria University Receives Accreditation

Ave Maria's Institute of Pastoral Studies has been offering a three year program of classes (one weekend a month) resulting in a Masters of Theology degrees in the Twin Cities and a half dozen other cities around the country. This is good news for any Masters graduate who wants to continue their studies at the PhD level.

Unfortunately, the IPS will not be offering a class this coming fall due to a lack of enrollments. This accreditation should certainly help them in the Fall of 2011.

The Commission Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools announced today that Ave Maria University (AMU) has officially been awarded “accredited membership” status and is now an accredited member of the COC.

“We have been looking forward to this day for many years,” said Tom Monaghan, Founder and Chancellor. “As an institution of higher education, we set out to receive regional accreditation for the good of everyone associated with the university, and it is very gratifying to receive this recognition. We are excited about what this means for our alumni and the entire university community, especially our students.”

AMU currently offers 10 undergraduate majors: Biology; Classics; Economics; History; Literature; Mathematics; Music; Philosophy; Politics; and Theology. At its campus in Nicaragua, AMU also offers three degree programs in business administration, politics, and psychology. Additionally, AMU offers two masters degrees and a Ph.D. program in Theology.

SACS membership will directly benefit AMU students, especially those planning on entering post-graduate programs. Though AMU has been accredited by the American Academy for Liberal Education (AALE) since 2008, some graduate programs accept only alumni of regionally accredited schools. SACS is one of six regional accrediting associations that accredit institutions of higher education in the United States.

Membership also will impact university funding and makes AMU eligible to receive additional foundation grants and increased federal and state resources, which would allow the institution to improve and expand programs for students. Tim Drake, National Catholic Register

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Adoro said...

Not "any Masters of Theology". The MTS I just received is a terminal degree; I can't use it to enter a PhD program. The MTS and the MA have 2 different areas of focus; mine is more on the practical end, in putting doctrine to use. The MA is research-oriented and prepares the student to go on to the next level.

I could enter a Canon Law program, however, although the accreditation of Ave Maria doesn't have anything to do with that as others have already done this without any problem whatsoever.

But! It's still great news and we can say we are graduates of an Accredited University!