Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back in the Saddle

As many of you know, I was pretty much out of commission for almost the entire month of May due to pneumonia. I posted a bit on my experiences a couple of weeks ago.

When I first started Stella Borealis four+ years ago, I intended it to be a news blog. So there is a big gap in my news coverage that I will over time try to repair. But it will be difficult because after my return from the hospital I began to have major computer problems with my Outlook email program. I couldn't copy, delete or send any messages. For a week or two, while still in recovering which entail much sleeping, I attempted to solve the problem on my own.

Google seemed to tell me that my problem was too many messages in my Outlook directories. But not being able to delete them easily (I could do it one at a time with a work around), I couldn't seem to solve the problem. I tried another email program, Thunderbird, but it isn't nearly as good as people say, nor close to what Outlook does.

Ultimately, I archived all of my messages in Outlook and made it work again. But now I can't figure out how to unarchive only some of the messages. So I have lost some. But I will post what I have over time, putting an "originally published date" on them to avoid confusion.

I'm glad to be back in business. I'm still recuperating, plagued with fatigue now and then, sometimes while driving (scary). They tell me it might be another month or so til I am "up to snuff."


Terry Nelson said...

I'm glad you are back Ray - I miss you when you're not posting. I do not get the "Spirit" or read it online - so I get all my news from you. And since I quit Leaflet I have no idea what is going on around here - altho you are not big on the church gossip stuff.

God bless you and don't get sick again!

Unknown said...

Au contraire, Terry! P'raps I am up on the juicy bits but have not been willing to share them with you. I came across a great one last night that only I knew before I passed it on.

But my problem with gossip is that I don't pay attention. I am generally the last to find out about gossip.

Thanks for the nice words! Watch your inbox!