Saturday, August 21, 2010

I drove by my local Target store today

Coasted right by the front door on my way to my local dollar store at the other end of the mall to pick up a dozen replacement reading glasses. They don't last long with me.

But I don't think that I have ever seen a larger crowd at Tarzhay, as we used to call it when I shopped in their designer aisles. But the customers today looked a lot less hip, much more frumpy and somewhat pleasingly plump, too. But they were all carrying stuffed shopping bags in both hands.

Maybe when the neurotically fastidious and demanding set makes room for the real shoppers, it will turn out to be a bonanza for Bullseye the Dog's masters.


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

You are funny, Ray! I had a friend who called it (back when I barely knew what Target even was) "Tarzshay, the French discount store"
I'm sure she heard it from her mom. Her mom was quite frumpy, even back then. :)

Anonymous said...

Tarzhay must've been packed with back to school shoppers, from the sounds of it.

They have good home decor things: towels, shelves, decorative hooks, bowls, things for kitchen and bath. Found some cute stuff for my daughter's room to get her into the going to college mood (she's a newbie freshman, and is going here in town, so her room at home is her "dorm room away from the dorm" space!)

Unknown said...

You're probably right, Gette.

Something I'd never seen before was about 2 cabs and four cars waiting to pick people up at the front door, but scads of people coming and going.

I thought it was amusing in the light of the boycott declared by "those" people offended by Target's contribution to a conservative organization who among their many stands are opposed to some homosexual issue.

Target is headquartered here and is a huge employer and very well thought of and has been very supportive of homosexual issues.

But homosexuals don't permit their supporters to support people they don't approve of. Just like Nazis and Commies. No freedoms for their people, today, or ever.

My computer crashed. The Windows portion of it. I guess most of my data is OK because I had my "My Documents" backed up. But I haven't contacted my back up service (Qwest) to see if they really did it. Holding my breath, mostly on my genealogical stuff that I have been collecting for 35 years.

What they had to do was install a second hard drive and now I have to transfer my documents to the new drive. Not all were saved it seems, but I can't tell until I look at each directory.

I guess I'll just transfer only when I need to, pending contact with Qwest probably not til Monday.

And now my DVD drive door won't open now so I can't re-install many of my major programs like Word and Outlook.

So I have to take the computer back this morning to have them fix that that they must have messed up when they installed the new hard drive.

This is the first really major loss that I have had in 20+ years of having a computer.