Saturday, August 28, 2010


My Windows program got corrupted somehow, (a mortal sin?) and I just got my computer back. It just kept locking up and then I got the "black screen of death." Unfortunately, opening in "safe mode" or using a "restore point" was not possible.

I guess most of my data is OK because the hard drive and memory tested OK. And I had my "My Documents" backed up. But I haven't contacted my back up service (Qwest) to see if they really did it. Holding my breath, mostly on my genealogical stuff that I have been collecting for 35 years.

What they had to do was install a second hard drive and now I have to transfer my documents to the new drive. Not all were saved it seems, but I can't tell until I look at each directory.

I guess I'll just transfer only when I need to, pending contact with Qwest probably not til Monday.

And now my DVD drive door won't open so I can't re-install my major programs like Word and Outlook.

So I have to take the computer back this morning to have them fix that; they must have messed it up when they installed the new hard drive.

This is the first really major loss that I have had in 20+ years of having a computer. So I've been lucky.


Anonymous said...

You have been very lucky to have gone 20 years without a data loss. I have seen grown men cry over years of lost work gone forever. All computers will eventually fail. It is in their nature.

Unknown said...

Well, I've had some data loss, some due to my stupidity and deleting things that I shouldn't have.

And once I did get hit with a virus because I responded to a message that I shouldn't have responded to. But all I lost was old messages. Some of which my psyche mourned, but I'm a packrat and I almost never delete old messages. But I almost never look at them either.

I'll know the real damage when I talke to Qwest tomorrow about my backups. My old hard drive has lots of data on it but my genealogy program that I have been working on for 35 years better be backed up because the three backups I had saved on the computer are fried.

So was my Photoshop Elements.

All I saved with Qwest was documents. I haven't heard of any bad experience with them so I expect it will all be there. And that will save me a ton of work I hope with Outlook. I do have my contacts. But pst files always give me grief.