Monday, April 24, 2006

CUB Curbs Cleavage

Semaas from The Seventh Age visited his local CUB warehouse grocery the other day and likes what he saw at the checkout:

A pleasant surprise from one of the major discount grocery chains here in the Twin Cities.

My wife and I found ourselves in a Cub Foods out in the White Bear Lake area this weekend, and as we made our way through Cleavage Aisle on the way to the checkout clerk, we were pleasantly surprised by these plastic covers that were a part of the magazine rack and obscured all but the tile of Shape, Glamour, and a few others magazines that featured women falling out of their clothes.

Put simply, Cleavage Aisle was rated G for a change. A postive comment to the manager by my wife was met with the response "we do our best to try and stay on top of it."

Way to go Cub!

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