Saturday, April 29, 2006

Father Robert Altier's Homilies Now Available in Text and Audio

Georgette of Chronicle of a Meandering Traveller has links for the homilies of Father Robert Altier of St Agnes parish in St. Paul.

Father Alter has recently obeyed the order of Archbishop Harry Flynn to pull all of his homilies from the St. Agnes page and to cease his radio appearances on Relevant Radio programs.

No reason was given for the order, but the Archdiocese and Father Altier's pastor have assured all that Father's orthodoxy or personal behavior are not at all subject to question.

Some of public opinion seems to believe that it is because of his articulate arguments that the use of a certain "sex education" program for very young children should not be used. The Archdiocese maintains that parents have a choice of programs that can be used.

Many of Father Altier's older homilies have been automatically saved by the internet gods, some by a "fan", and many are available in audio. Georgette has those links. She apparently currently lives in India.

Adoro Te Devote has some of the details.
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