Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hill-Murray Wants Hwy Dept Land For Environmental Classroom and Athletic Fields

The city of Maplewood, along with representatives from Hill-Murray School and local environmental and athletic organizations, will be meeting in upcoming months to address what to do with about 25 acres of land that has been offered by the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Hill-Murray School has an interest in using the land as an environmental classroom and for the expansion of athletic fields, said the school's president, Joe Peschges. He said the proposal -- which was made last month to the City Council -- has broader community interest beyond the school because the fields would also be used by athletic associations from Oakdale and St. Paul.

"It probably needs to have more wetland creation, from our perspective," Ahl said. He said groups, including Hill-Murray and the Ramsey Conservation District, will be meeting in the next four to six months to try to put a plan together. [snip] StarTribune

Watch! By this time tomorrow the "Separation of Church and State Crowd" will have been mobilized!

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