Saturday, April 22, 2006

St John's Abbey Celebrates 150 Years Wednesday

St. John's Abbey begins its 18 month long celebration of its 150th anniversary starting Wednesday. That day marks the anniversary of when five Benedictine monks from Saint Vincent's Monastery in Pennsylvania left to start their work in Minnesota. They arrived in St. Paul on May 2, 1856, and began the monastic community's work in the state. [An 18 month celebration? Wouldn't it be great if birthdays, Christmas and Easter might last a week or two? Actually, Christmas and Easter do, if you count the pre Vatican II octaves. And if you use the Church calendar, the Christmas season lasts till Epiphany and Easter lasts til Trinity Sunday.]

The Abbey will celebrate its anniversary with events until Nov. 10, 2007. That date marks the start of St. John's University's sesquicentennial festivities. "(The Benedictine monks) started in St. Cloud ... more or less on the present site of St. Cloud State University, just on the river bank," the Rev. Hilary Thimmesh said. [snip] St Cloud Times

Saint John’s Sesquicentennial main events:

Saint John’s at 150: Opening Celebration, Wednesday, April 26. Commemorates the 1856 departure of five Benedictine monks from St. Vincent’s Monastery in Pennsylvania for Minnesota.

Minnesota Landing: A Celebration of Thanksgiving, April 30. Celebration of the arrival of the Benedictine monks in St. Paul on May 2, 1856.

Family Fun Day: Remembering Swayed Pines, May 20 Celebration of the arrival of five Benedictine monks in St. Cloud on May 20, 1856.

Feast of Saint John the Baptist: A Celebration of Thanksgiving, June 23-24 Celebrates the feast of Saint John the Baptist and the discovery of Indianbush as the location for the Abbey and its schools.

Music Day: Homecoming Weekend, Sept. 29 Music program featuring St. John’s University, Prep School, and Amadeus Chamber Orchestra performers.

Benedictine Heritage Day, Sept. 27

Academic Day, March 14, 2007

Community: The Art of Living Together, June 10-13, 2007
Conference focused on the art of living and building communities.

Creativity Days: Homecoming Weekend, October 5-7, 2007

Saint John’s at 150: Closing Celebration, Nov. 10, 2007
Celebrates the anniversary of the first day of class at Saint John’s on November 10, 1857.
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