Monday, April 24, 2006

How Did Your Divine Mercy Sunday Go? You Got The Indulgence, I hope?

Erin from Bearing Blog got eggrolls at her parish as a bribe for going!

The celebrant, also the event guest speaker, was Father Thomas Sullivan of the Congregation of the Fathers of Mercy. On his way up to the podium, he stopped to talk to three sisters wearing the distinctively recognizable sari-style habit of the Missionaries of Charity --- you know, Mother Teresa's religious society --- and convinced them to move to the front pew. I think they must have accompanied Fr. Sullivan, as I don't know of any MoC houses locally. [I don't know how many live there or what their particular mission is here, but there is a MoC house in southeast Minneapolis, I understand].

Anyway, the place was packed. The confessional lines on both sides stretched the length of the aisles, all before and during Fr. Sullivan's talk. Also the Eucharist was exposed for adoration the whole time. And the Parish's large painting of the Divine Mercy image was taken out of its alcove and set up in a place of honor. And we had incensing, and blessing of religious articles (I had brought a little medallion bearing the Divine Mercy image, which had been sitting in m dresser drawer ever since I forgot to bring it with me to Salt Lake City last year), and the Divine Mercy chaplet, and a litany of St. Faustina, and a rosary with meditations taken from St. Faustina's memoir, and finally Benediction. Quite a full day! [snip]

I went to the Cathedral. A few hundred, I suppose, were there. They started with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, then a Mr. Paul Regan, a member of the Eucharistic Apostles of The Divine Mercy, spoke extemporaneously and well for an hour. [He made a few extremely interesting points but I'll wait until I see the transcript before I comment on them]. And then Benediction. No Egg Rolls. I know where to go next year.

Although I did get a chance to raise an issue with Mr. Regan that has been bothering me. I have been saying the Chaplet regularly for a long time and have gone through several booklets which I keep misplacing. I just got a new one for the words for the Novena and I noticed that on the instruction page, 59, there is no reference to the traditional concluding prayer, "Jesus I Trust in You", the words on all of the images of the Divine Mercy. Instead there is an "optional" concluding prayer.'

I have been under the impression that the "Jesus, I Trust in You" ("Jezu, Ufam Tobie" in Polish) was deemed important enough by St. Faustina that it had to be included on all the images and a part of the saying of the Chaplet. Mr. Regan was surprised to see that it was not in that booklet and indicated that he would be speaking with Father Seraphim, St. Faustina's postulator for sainthood, later on Sunday, and would bring the issue up. So it probably was good that I wasn't throwing down eggrolls with Erin and Desparate. Maybe next year.

If you were at a Divine Mercy Service yesterday, let me know and I'll include your experience here. Or just make a comment to this post.
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