Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Nat'l Catholic Register's List of 24 Catholic "Mandatum" Colleges

Sorry, Charlie, none from the Upper Midwest! See the Requirements Here
Listed Alphabetically

1. Aquinas College; Nashville

2. Augustine Institute; Denver

3. Ave Maria University; Naples, FL

4. Belmont Abbey College; Belmont, NC

5. Benedictine College; Atchison, KS

6. The Catholic Distance University; Hamilton, VA

7. The Catholic University of America; Washington, D.C.

8. Christendom College; Front Royal, VA

9. The College of Saint Thomas More; Fort Worth, TX

10. Franciscan University of Steubenville; Steubenville, OH

11. Holy Apostles College and Seminary; Cromwell, CT

12. Institute for the Psychological Sciences; Arlington, VA

13. John Paul the Great Catholic University; San Diego

14. Magdalen College; Warner, NH

15. Our Lady of Corpus Christi; Corpus Christi, TX

16. St. Gregory’s University; Shawnee, OK

17. Southern Catholic College; Dawsonville, GA

18. Thomas Aquinas College; Santa Paula, CA

19. The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts; Merrimack, NH

20. University of Dallas; Irving, TX

21. University of Sacramento; Sacramento

22. University of St. Thomas; Houston

23. Walsh University; North Canton, OH

24. Wyoming Catholic College; Lander, WY


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Minnesota will ever have a Mandatum College?

Adoro said...

Woo hoo! My school is there! (My grad school, that is!) :-)

But as a local professor pointed out to me, said prof. being a very loyal Catholic located at my Alma Mater...the Mandatum does not mean that a school can't still go off the rails, and it does not mean that those that do not have the Mandatum are not faithful. I can't remember exactly what she said as the conversation took place some time ago, but I did see her point.

Decisions on what school to attend should NOT just be made on that basis.

OK, I'm off to a party now.

Sanctus Belle said...

I wrote to my Alma Mater - the infamous College of St. Catherine to kindly inform then that I will not send any of my daughters to school there unless they became a Mandatum college and guess what? No reply. Yes, I'm as shocked as everyone else...(yawn)

That said, we seriously need some good Catholic colleges and schools in Minnesota! Any idea WHY the University of St. Thomas is NOT on this list?? I'm surprised at this since the seminary is booming and apparantly has such a great rep.

Unknown said...


At a minimum, I would bet that the Theology faculty would be highly reluctant to subscribe publicly to the “mandatum oath”, even if they agreed with it because if they had any ambition to teach at another, larger, University, that would surely “blackball” them.