Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Propers and the Ordinaries of the 1962 Latin Mass (with English Translation)

Many of you regular blog readers have really been wondering what all the fuss is about among those thrilled about the releasing of the restrictions upon priests in celebrating the "Tridentine Mass" (more properly called the 1962 Mass, the Mass of Pope John XXIII, or the Mass of Pius VI).

The Daily Catholic web page still lists the "Propers" (the changeable parts) and the "Ordinaries" of the Latin Mass as it was once celebrated. Be aware that the people who run the Daily Catholic site are by their own admission no longer in communion with the Pope and the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. But their information relating to the celebrating of the Mass as I have linked here is correct. Other information found on their site may contain errors to a lesser or greater degree.

If you have any questions about the celebration of the old Mass, I would be happy to help you understand what many eight year old boys used to be quite familiar with.

Maudie in Mandeville very kindly contributed a link to an mp3 file of two men providing the pronounciation of the words of the celebrant and the servers in the 1962 Mass. Until we find something better, it is a bit too fast, this would be a good recording for people who want to learn Latin pronounciation to begin with.

I am no expert on Latin pronounciation, but I know enough to tell you that the two Americans who recorded this are using "American" pronounciation, especially of the letter "r." When I was taught how to pronounce "r" properly, I was told to "smile" a bit when doing so. I only listened to the recording once, but I also noted that the word "totius" was pronounced the way it might seem to be pronounced, but it should be pronounced as "totsius."

Thanks, Maude. This is a great start.


An Irish priest and another Irishman have recorded the complete Mass in Latin (including some of the Proper). The pronounciation is much better, but it is more than most might desire.

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