Saturday, July 28, 2007

"Sonitus Sanctus" - A New Blog from Notre Dame with Scads of Audio Files

Thanks to Gerald (where does he find the time to dig up all this great information?) from the Cafeteria is Closed blog who gave us the great interview with Msgr Gaenswein about Pope Benedict yesterday and now has a link to a new blog from Notre Dame, birthplace of the Shrine of the Holy Whapping, that is attempting to place links to all the Catholic audio files.

Right now it seems to just be instructional and inspirational (including some from Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen). Check out Sonitus Sanctus.

Field2 Field4 Field1
Aquilina, Mike Church Fathers
Bennett, Rod Four Witnesses; The Early Church in Her Own Words
Bored Again Christian
Bridegroom Press Theology of the Body, Islam
Budziszewski, Jay Natural Law, etc.
Byzantine Chant
Catholic Answers Live Catholic Answers - various
Catholic Info Center, WDC

Chesterton, G.K. "The Trees of Pride"
Chesterton, G.K. "The Everlasting Man"
Convert Testimonies Hahn, Moss, Grodi, Jones, etc.
Corapi, Fr. John "The Teachings of Jesus"
Craig, William Lane Various, Protestant
Da Vinci Code Roundup Various
Greeson, Daniel Church Fathers, Greek Orthodox viewpoint
Gregorian Chant FSSP Music
Grodi, Marcus (EWTN) "The Journey Home"; convert stories
Groeschel, Fr. Benedict (EWTN) "Sunday Night Live"
Habemus Papam
Hahn, Scott and Kimberly Many, Various
Keating, Karl Three Debates
Keck, Doug (EWTN) "Bookmark" - book reviews
Kreeft, Peter Various
Kreeft, Peter Various (again)
Lewis, Joan (EWTN) Vatican Insider
Martignoni, John Apologetics, Various
Michuta, Gary "Explaining Justification"
Moss, Rosalind Two Shows from "The Journey Home" - EWTN
Moss, Rosalind "Mary, Our Jewish Mother"
Mother Angelica (EWTN) Mother Angelica Life Classics
NFP NFP Outreach
Pacwa, Fr. Mitch Debate on "Sola Scriptura"
Pacwa, Fr. Mitch (EWTN) "Threshhold of Hope"
Provaznik, Phil Apologetic Links
Ray, Steve "Are You Born Again?"
Shea, Mark Conversion Story
Sheen, Archbishop Fulton J. "Life is Worth Living", Various
Shoeman, Roy Jewish-Catholic Talks
Smith, Janet "Contraception Debate" w. Charles Curran
Smith, Janet "Contraception, Why Not?"
SQPN Catholic Podcasts SQPN TV
St Bernard of Clairvaux "On Loving God"
Stenzel, Pam

Stone, Fr. Francis (EWTN) "Life on the Rock"
The One True Faith St Michael's Media, TV
West, Christopher

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