Sunday, January 25, 2009

An Extraordinary Form Mass every Sunday in Hennepin County is rumored.

The rumor mill, quite silent in these past months, is bubbling with inklings of the celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass (Tridentine) at a Hennepin County parish. St. Augustine's in South St. Paul offers it daily (with Holy Trinity some days) and St. Agnes in St. Paul offers it on the First, Third and Fifth Sundays of the Month.

Consequently, there's been a lot of driving by some folks to reach those parishes.

If you're interested, let us know and we''ll attempt to inject your interest into the decision making process.

As long as we were talking about "rumors", I imagine the one the chancery would be most interested in is as to who will be the new Auxiliary Bishop. They generally come from the ranks of the local priests, but it doesn't have to be so.

Eight months ago, we had three bishops in the chancery. What with the retirement of Archbishop Flynn and the departure of Bishop Richard Pates as the new head of the Diocese of Des Moines, we are now down to one. I would imagine the workload for Archbishop Nienstedt is heavy.


Brother Ass said...

I really hope we don't get an Auxiliary Bishop. The Bishop is the head of the diocese. If you add another one or two you start having a 2 or 3 headed monster.

Unknown said...

So one man gets to supervise 300 priests? What's wrong with this picture?

queen of the castle said...

Hello there - thought I would mention that the Mass at St. Walburga's is no longer.

We did hear that one is starting in Robbinsdale this coming Sunday. Do you know anything about it?

Unknown said...

Thanks, Tracy.

I'll "trust but verify" and remove the St. Walburga's link.

There have been rumors about Robbinsdale, but I know a member of the parish and it might not be until Lent. But then again. . . .

Brother Ass said...

He has other people to help him supervise the priests. Vicars etc. There should only be one head. We have thousands of bishops, should we get a couple more popes?

The multi-bishop approach reeks of an American democratic/corporate approach to shepherding.