Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fargo-Moorhead Catholic schools witness amazing growth

It wasn't that long ago area Catholic schools really struggled to keep doors open. The student numbers were not there, but what a turn-around. While east coast Catholic churches are shutting down large numbers of schools this year, Fargo-Moorhead is witnessing amazing growth. The story from WDAY 6 Reporter Kevin Wallevand at St. Joseph's Catholic School where enrollment is up 32 percent in the last two years.

When St. Joseph's Catholic School in Moorhead launched a 1.6 million dollar fund drive for an expansion plan, no one predicted a year later, it would be nearly complete and paid for by parents.

“We have parents doing the trim work, the cabinets, putting in the carpet.”

New state of the art computer and science lab, a library, a lot of the elbow grease coming from parents like Susan Prody, who has two children going here.

“I like smallness of it, it feels like a community and it is amazing how people do pitch in.”

252 students attend St. Joes pre-school through 8th grade. Enrollment is up 32 percent in just two years. A school that has been in Moorhead for 129 years is breathing new life into itself.

St. Joes hopes to have students into the new classrooms sometime this spring. Meantime, the Fargo Catholic Schools network is enjoying growth in its system.

Shanley moved into a new building off 25th Street back in 2002 and next year, Shanley’s enrollment will be at its highest level in 22 years. Unlike the old location in north Fargo, Shanley’s new spot has room to grow if the need is there. WDAY-TV

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