Monday, January 19, 2009

Forget "Theology and the Body" for now. How about "Theology and Hunting?"

I suspect that if the Rev. Doug Giles ever showed up at an Argument of the Month Club session (second Tues. of the Mo.), I and the others might find that we don't have much in common. Fr. Echert would be fighting to get to be the guy who would debate him.

But if the subject was "Hunting and the Holy Scriptures" most Catholics who shamefacedly have to admit that we are sorely lacking in our knowledge of the Bible, would probably just stand back in admiration and give the Rev. a "Standing O" when he finished his talk.

  • I understand it when the idolatrous PETA people who worship jackrabbits over Jesus get their panties in a wad over hunting. I expect it, I like it and—truth be told—I’d really miss it if they did not pop a blood vein in their forehead when smacked with the facts.

    However, lately I’ve been getting hate mail and weird looks from “Christians” who ardently believe that God, Jesus, Moses, John, Paul, George and Ringo (I know, they get them confused) are, supposedly, vehemently opposed to hunting animals (they’re right about McCartney). I have even had some sassy Christians say that fishing is evil because it hurts the fish. No kidding? I wouldn’t have thought that a hook in the mouth would hurt. They, therefore, conclude that since fish hooks hurt that Jesus would never fish nor be friendly toward those who do.

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Thanks, Greg!

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