Saturday, January 31, 2009

Actor Gary Graham, Hollywood rake, is now pro-life

Actor Gary Graham who has starred in some of the Star Trek series and other films, admits that he has led a very dissolute life, being responsible for at least five abortions. Recently, he has awoken to the horrors that he has been perpetrating on women and their children and has publicly adopted a pro-life position. He writes very frankly about his past life and it can be read HERE. But here is the money quote as far as I am concerned:

  • I’ve heard from liberals the following quote: “We want abortion to be legal…but rare.” And I ask, Why rare? What’s wrong with abortion, that you think it should be a rare occurrence? I’ve had moles removed from my skin. Doctors don’t tell us that a mole removal should be rare. So what’s with this ‘rare’ business? Or is it a tacit agreement that abortion…is plain wrong?

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Fr. Andrew said...

Certainly wonderful to hear as well as making a good point about the "rarity" of abortion. Unfortunately, President Obama removed that caveat from the Democrat platform around Convention time last August.