Saturday, April 18, 2009

The LJ Awards Ceremonies

Blogdom, like many industries, has many awards ceremonies to assuage the feelings of poor members who have to satisfy themselves with medals and honors rather than $$$ and cents.

The prestigious LJ ("Laughing Jerry") awards are given out only rarely to those bloggers who achieve the heights of humor, coupled with creativity, originality and intelligence. Published contributions and emails are considered eligible to enter the judging.

The reigning champion of LJ Award recipients for some time now has been Ms. Catherine of Alexandria, a native of Minneapolis, who, upon regaining her faith, moved to St. Paul where the choice of parishes was more to her liking.
Her entry was the following, which tickled my funny bone and showed quite a bit of creativity, besides displaying an acute knowledge of the award giver's background and habits:

"It's not like I'm asking you to read the Epistle in Swahili during the Latin Mass or something!"

Unfortunately, Ms. C of A is going to have to now share her 5 LJ honoree status with Father Tim Finigan, a Limey, pastor of Our Lady of the Rosary, Blackfen (further location details unknown), would you believe, whose post today in attacking The Tablet, the British equivalent of the National Catholic Reporter, for their attack on Catholic priests and lay ministers who spend off duty time blogging, (and attacking the Tablet, a good thing), with, among other words, the following:

"In the spirit of collaborative ministry, should blogging lay ministers not also be using the wee small hours to visit the housebound? Come to that, what was St Thomas Aquinas doing, spending his time writing about essence and existence? The thirteenth century was a period of global warming - surely the Angelic Doctor should have been devoting his energies to saving the planet?"
See Fr. Finigan's complete post here


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Well, ok, if I need to be deposed I can think of few I'd rather be knocked down by than His Hermaneuticalness.

It's ON!

james mader said...

is cathy the wheel Catherine?

hank david said...


Unknown said...

Cathy of Alex is indeed "Wheelie Cathie"