Friday, April 3, 2009

"Passion at the Cathedral" St. Joseph's, Sioux Falls, Saturday 7:30 p.m.

Finding Hope Along The Way

This Saturday, the 6th annual Passion at the Cathedral will be held at St. Joseph Cathedral in Sioux Falls. It's a musical reflection of Jesus' passion, death and resurrection presented in a way that relates to every day life. We introduce you to a Sioux Falls couple taking part in that event, who've faced their share of challenges, but have found hope and happiness along the way.

The McHale Institute in Sioux Falls specializes in the treatment of cancer and blood diseases. It's the result of years of hard work by Dr. Michael and Jean McHale. Dr. McHale calls this a hopeful time to be helping those with cancer. He says, "People are living longer with the diagnosis and are living longer if it recurs, because we have better drugs and better regimens." Dr. McHale knows a little something about offering hope to those facing challenges. He and Jean found out 13 years ago that their youngest child, John, was autistic. Jean says at age 3, John was completely mute. Jean says, "Just getting a word out of him at that point was a struggle."

But the McHale's say good services in Sioux Falls really helped John develop. Jean says, "By the time he started kindergarten, I think he had 100 words, so that was a huge accomplishment." The McHale's admit there were some tough times along the way, but they learned from the challenges. Dr. McHale says, "It taught us to work together. I mean, there's good days and bad days, but we work together towards the common good. We realize we have to accept what's going on and build from there." Together, they found hope along the way. Jean says, "Prayer, faith, family all pulls it together, and to know there's a way to get through it."

John McHale will graduate from Washington High School in May. He's driving, and has plans to get a job after high school. Dr. Mike and Jean McHale will be among those taking part in the Passion at the Cathedral, Saturday, April 4th at 7:30 p.m. at St. Joseph Cathedral.

The program is a gift to the community from Avera and the Catholic Foundation. All proceeds will go toward the Cathedral Restoration at St. Joseph Cathedral. Complimentary general admission tickets are available by calling the Catholic Foundation at (605) 988-3765 or (888) 246-3386 or online by clicking here . Reserved seating is also available for a donation of $50 per ticket. KSFY-TV

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