Thursday, July 30, 2009

EWTN 24 hour Catholic television now available on basic cable in Minnesota

Catholics in the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis or in the Dioceses of St. Cloud, Winona, New Ulm, Duluth or Crookston (Fergus Falls town only) will now be able to access EWTN on channel 180.

Charter Communications will waive the $5 per month fee for the digital box and allow customers to access the service free for six months. For more information, contact Char­ter at (877) 958-7128.

“Elderly and homebound parishioners who depend upon EWTN may need assistance in making this adjustment,” said EWTN marketing manager Terry Kopp. “We ask family members and fellow parishioners for their help.” Questions for EWTN may be directed to Kopp at (763) 449-6970. Catholic Spirit


gregg said...

For as long as I can remember, EWTN was included in the basic package of the various cable providers I have had over the years. Sometime last summer/fall, Comcast dropped EWTN from its basic package. I wonder why?

Unknown said...

EWTN does not charge the cable systems for their programming. But neither do they have advertising on EWTN.

I would assume that the cable systems would prefer to have a network that sells advertising so that they can take a cut.

Sam said...

Comcast moved EWTN to channel 243 (in Bloomington). That is in the "digital tier" but it is still part of the basic cable package, you just have to use one of their digital set-top boxes. It is my understanding that you can obtain their digital box for a small fee.