Monday, July 13, 2009

Father Bill Baer's Father is in the hospital

Note: Father Baer did not have the stroke. It was his Dad! I apologize for my poorly written sentence, below, posted this morning.

The post title was correct, but that doesn't count.

Ray Marshall

Word has also come that Father Bill Baer, Rector of the St. John Vianney Seminary is in Baltimore visiting his father who recently had a stroke. Prayers for Father Baer, his Dad, his Mom and others in his family are also in order.


Fr. Andrew said...

Prayers from this SJV alum.

Fr. Baer said...

Thanks, Ray, and thanks to Fr. Andrew Dickinson and to all others who are praying for my Dad. Yes, it's tough to see him struggling with the effects of his stroke. It's also been a great privilege to bring him Holy Communion each day at the rehab hospital. My Mom is a "trooper," and visits him twice each day, and my siblings who live nearby by also visit each day. BTW, he maintains his wonderful (and wonderfully dry) sense of humor: when a nurse pointed out her new engagement ring, my Dad shook his head soberly and made the universally recognized motion with his fingers indicating money. My Dad always encouraged me to keep my homilies short, and I realize that I learned from the master of the succinct gesture...

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Prayers here for the Baer family! Wonderfully dry humor? Sounds like the apple did not fall far from the tree, Father Baer! LOL!