Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Examination of Female Religious Orders in the United States

Many are upset that the Vatican has created a group to examine the role of female religious orders in the United States.

The fear is that Rome will crack down on them and make them revert to pre-Vatican II rules and regulations.

If the Vatican truly wanted to do that, why would they bother to make the effort. Most of these female religious orders will disappear in thirty years or so if nothing changes.

In case you haven't been looking, the average age in these orders is over 60 now and new members for most orders are almost non-existent.

Might it just be possible that the Vatican would like to help these religious orders change to make them more attractive to young women?

Or should the Vatican just watch as most orders disappear, irrespective of all the great things they have done.

Don't these women care that all that they have done will then soon be forgotten as if they had never happened?

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