Saturday, July 4, 2009

Twitter? Who do you Catholics want to follow?

Well, being one of the tiny minority who doesn't own a cellphone, I haven't been very excited about the concept of Twitter, the instant message service that limits one to 140 characters (letters AND spaces) in each message. My English teacher would have flunked me if I had turned in 20 word book reports.

But many of you are out there, heavily invested in Twitter, (actually, it's free, how they pay for it, Wall Street wants to know), wondering who they should follow.

Well, trusty ol' Google came to the rescue again this morning in an article suggesting who you should follow if you are interested in China:

  • In Twitterland it is Follow Friday, the day when Tweeters (tweeple? twhatever) post their lists of people worth following.
  • Now I keep hearing from people that they don’t like Twitter because life’s too short to hear random people burbling away.
  • Others try it for a while but then drop it because they don’t really see any value or they can’t get the information they want.
  • I think it’s fascinating, and it’s been almost as useful as Reuters or Bloomberg for alerting me to breaking news.
  • I would advise anyone interested in Twitter to download Tweetdeck. This elegant application allows you to sift out all wittering and search through Twitter for information you might find helpful.

But besides using Tweetdeck, I came across another source for Twitterers (is that a word, or should it be Tweeple) who might be interested in All Things Catholic: TweetCatholic

It's like a St. Blog's Parish directory for Catholics who are dieing to Twitter (have I reached 140 characters yet?).

But if you don't want to mess around with Tweet Catholic (I don't know if that's one word or two, but spaces being valuable commodities on Twitter, I guess it's one word), here is a list of sites that novice Twitterers (Tweeple) might want to take advantage of to stay abreast of Catholic News:

@CatholicNewsSvc (USCCB) @thecompassnews @catholicspirit (St.Paul-Mpls), @usccbmedia, @USACatholic, @CatholicTv @NCRegister, @SVdP, @LifeSite (, @FatherTF (Fr. Tim Finigan U.K. blogger), @fatherz (really famous Sabine Farm blogger), @newadvent (.org), @catholicnet (.net), @deaconsbench (Deacon Greg Kandra blog), @americanpapist (blog), @cnalive (Catholic News Agency), @patrickmadrid, @FatherRoderick, @KofC_org, @thecatholicsun (Phoenix), @EWTN, @relevantradio, @curtjester (blog), @OSV (Our Sunday Visitor), @prepareformass, @catholicherald (U.K. newspaper), @CNSCampusNotes (Cardinal Newman Society), @Fla_Catholic (newspaper), @CatholicTechTip, @MissionDoctors, @usccbnab (Lectionary for Mass), @homilies (Catholic Homilies, Ireland), @archstl (Archdiocese of St. Louis), @bettnet (blog), @cathexchange (news), @FaithandFamily, @EscrivaWorks (Opus Dei thoughts), @KofCStore, @happycatholic (blog), @emvidal (blogger), @AdoroteDevote (discerning Minn. blogger), @arlingtonchurch (Diocese of Arlington), @padredana (SD priest blogger), @ccbuffalo (Catholic Charities), @CatholicDigest, @CatholicDailyPr (prayer), @JeffCavins (Bible History, Minn.), @JMTalbot (John Michael Talbot), @thecompassnews (Green Bay Diocese), @georgiabulletin (Atlanta Archdiocese), @massreadings (Helena Diocese), @GreenBayDiocese, @francesco1221 (Minn. Blogger), @BuffaloDiocese, @the_Crescat (NC blogger), @ironiccatholic (Minn. blogger, mom of 3.6, professor), @lacrossecath (La Crosse Catholic),

Good luck. You probably won't see me there too often. Google is very jealous and if I don't visit regularly, she has a tantrum.

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