Saturday, July 11, 2009

New project to support divorced or separated Catholics who want to live their vows

Speaking of things that are needed and wanted. Terry Nelson of the Minneapolis Abbey-Roads blog has found a news story on an Italian organization that has just found some roots in Ohio to assist abandoned spouses who still believe that their "I do" meant "forever."

A new support community for divorced or separated Catholics who remain faithful to marriage has launched in the United States, taking inspiration from a similar Italian effort to help people fulfill their vows and live their "I do."
The Saint Mary of Cana project, sponsored in the U.S. by the non-profit Mary’s Advocates, seeks to work with dioceses in the United States in order to, in project director Bai Macfarlane’s words, "reject the divorce culture’s indoctrination that our marriage is dead or that we have new lives as single people. . . ."

Catholic News Agency

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