Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jack Sweeney, R.I.P.

A dear friend, a brother too, has passed away. Jack Sweeney 1936-2010.

Himself and Herself in the Gap of Dunloe, Co. Kerry

Jack at Work, a fag and a beer!


Trish Andrae said...

Thanks for the pictures, Ray. Jack's posts have made me laugh to the point of tears many times. He (and your "conversations" with him) will be sorely missed. Trish in Wisconsin

Noreen in NY said...

Ray, Thanks for posting this. I will miss Jack so very much - even though we corresponded only sporatically (and ususally about out shared heritage from the Bronx!) I always enjoyed him, his knowledge and his love of life. I suppose we should all be happy for him but right now it hurts too much.
Noreen in NY

Anonymous said...

Ray: Thanks for your Blog URL. While searching for my Fogarty,Callaghan& Costelloancestors in Kerry, I delighted in the repartee between youand Jack. As like Jack, an active volunteer & Eucharistic Minister in my parish, I feel a closeness with you both. Jack will long be remembered andwe can be gratefulfor having known him in cyberspace. Andy in Kitchener, Canada

Cherie Richards said...

Aw, Ray. The pictures are wonderful! Thanks for letting me know about them and this blog.

Jack willbe sorely missed!

Cherie Richards said...

Aw, Ray. The pictures are wonderful! Thanks for letting me know about them and this blog.

Jack willbe sorely missed!

Anonymous said...

Like so many others who read your announcement about Jack's passing, I wept as I read it. Jack was an old friend, whom I had never met, but over the years had enjoyed his humor, kindness, generosity, intelligence and depth of character. He was a good man and as Irish as they come. I was totally unprepared for his death and will miss his comments greatly. Thanks for the glimpse of his wonderful family.
Fran in Massachusetts

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend, Ray. What is the URL for his blog? I feel like I've really missed out on something. May he rest in the eternal peace and love of Our Lord.

Unknown said...

Thanks everybody for your presence and sorrows and sympathies upon the death of Jack.

He was quite the man, in the best sense of the word. He raised a fine large family who loved him, he was the sole U.S. representative of a large European industrial manufacturing company, he was Irish to the max with the blarney and humor that comes with that, he was an accomplished family historian, and he was a helpful friend to us all.

The large number of people who have expressed their sorrow on the list, and in the church for his burial service, testifies to that.

May God have mercy on his soul. Pray for him, and his family.

[Ah, computers! I have to log in to make a comment on my own blog! Sigh!]


Kae said...

Ray thanks so much for posting the pictures of Himself and family. I know how Herself will be feeling in the next months and beyond as I lost my spouse in November. And he wasn't nearly as funny as Jack! lol However he did share my love of the ould sod and often laughed with me at some of Jack's posts. I know he is in God's hands and hopefully saving a place for the rest of us. I know he is regaling his ancestors with his wit and wisdom, and hopefully sharing a pint or two with them. Kae-Va

Janet in Iowa said...

Dear Ray,
Posting the photos of Jack and his family answered my request before I got to it. Thank you very much. My heart aches, but how we enjoyed him on the Kerry list for so many years! God bless his soul!
Janet in Iowa

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you so, so much for posting the pictures of Jack and his family. Putting a face to that wit is comforting, in a way. It is a rare person who can touch so many lives without ever meeting! The news of Jack's passing just took my breath away but to see such a family, it is a sure thing that Jack will always be with us all.
Monica Beauchamp