Friday, September 24, 2010

India: The World's Largest Democracy

India is pretty proud of that fact. But there are other things that they don't like to talk about:

"Ten Million Girls Killed In India". A government minister stated that ten million girls have been killed by their parents in India in the last two decades, and that this is a "national crisis." Girls are seen as liabilities by many parents because of the practice of dowry, whereas, men are seen as breadwinners who will care for their parents. The minister stated, "The minute the child is born, and she opens her mouth to cry, they put sand into her mouth and her nostrils so she chokes and dies... They bury infants in pots alive and bury the pots. They put tobacco in her mouth. They hang them upside down like a bunch of flowers to dry. We have more passion for tigers in this country, more for taking care of stray dogs on the road, but this society ruthlessly hunts down girl children." Dr. Maria Mascarenhas, a founding board member of the International Right to Life Federation, Inc. states that in Delhi, for every thousand boys born as third child, only 219 girls are born. Newsletter 493

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