Monday, December 18, 2006

Bishop Thomas Doran of Rockford, IL, has Lung Cancer; is at the Mayor Clinic


Regular viewers of EWTN television surely are familiar with that Good Shepherd, Bishop Thomas Doran, of Rockford, IL, northwest of Chicago. He is currently being treated at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, for lung cancer. Please pray for him and his flock.

Thousands of Rockford area Catholics pray for their spiritual leader, after learning Saturday that he's being aggressively treated for cancer. Catholic priests across the Rockford area break some hard news to their parishioners during Saturday evening mass, telling them Bishop Thomas Doran has been diagnosed with lung cancer.
As 13 News was first to tell you Saturday, the Bishop had several tumors removed from his lungs and is now recovering at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.
Church leaders say doctors detected the cancer after a routine physical exam early last week. Bishop Doran then underwent surgery on Thursday to remove tumors from his left lung.Doctors do believe they removed all of the cancer before it spread.
Father Brian Geary of St. Patrick's Church in Rockford says "He's our spiritual father, so we all feel it very personally as if he were our own father."
The diagnosis came just days before Bishop Doran's 40th anniversary as a priest. He rose to his current position as head of the Rockford Diocese in June 1994, and has since left footprints on many hearts in the area."I just spoke with a member of the choir," says Father Geary, "and she said she could hardly get through the final song because the announcement put her in a state of shock."As Catholics pray for a speedy recovery, some church leaders say they'll keep the doors of their churches open for an extended period. [....Snip] WREX-TV

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