Saturday, December 23, 2006

Compare and Contrast: What is different about these two word pictures?

1. Brother Craig Franz, President of St Mary’s University in Winona, MN, was accused of having a relationship with an otherwise unidentified adult student at a California college when he was president of that school. He was immediately removed from his position in Winona and sent to an undisclosed religious community, probably for treatment and segregation, never to be employed by a college again.

2. Minneapolis Fire Chief Bonnie Bleskachek, accused of having affairs with subordinates, inappropriate touching, favoritism, discrimination and was sued along with the City of Minneapolis at least four times by department employees.

The city initiated investigations of Bleskachek, a lesbian mother of two, after the first of four fire department employees filed suit against her. A summary report from the investigations released Friday detailed what it called these "substantiated allegations":

• Bleskachek "has a history of dating and romantic pursuits of others in the fire department, most often employees of lower rank and sometimes direct subordinates," the summary report said.
• Bleskachek was seen "making out" with an employee on the floor of a fire station workout room.
• On three occasions, Bleskachek was naked in a hot tub when department employees were present.
• On one occasion, Bleskachek danced in a "sexually suggestive way" at a public club with a young firefighter who was uncomfortable with the chief's conduct.
• Bleskachek used the Fire Department's dispatch system for personal purposes.
• Bleskachek's behavior toward one employee, whom she had been romantically involved with but who later rebuffed her advances, included inappropriately touching her leg on two occasions, failing to correct errors in her pay and failing to give her the proper bars and badge for her position.
• Several employees had the perception that Bleskachek treated one employee, her lover, more favorably, and many believed the chief's decisions were governed by personal animosity toward some employees and favoritism toward others.
Some of those findings, such as the one that involved inappropriate touching, were "absolutely" denied by Bleskachek, her attorney Burg said. Others, like those regarding the hot tub, Bleskachek admits to.
Pioneer Press

Bleskachek was given a 9 months suspension with full pay (a vacation with pay if you will) and was ultimately demoted to a position of Captain in the department, but with no command responsibilities at a cut in salary. No doubt her seniority and full pension benefits still accrue with no cuts.

But fortunately we will all have free Wi-Fi and no Libraries. Our City Council is on the job!

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