Sunday, December 17, 2006

This Excuse is Much Better Than "The Dog Ate My Homework!"

Jayne, who started blogging at "So Many Devotions, So Little Time . . . . last Summer, all of a sudden disappeared for a time from St Blog's parish events. Her subject matter was one that all of us must have been interested in. I know that I was thrilled to find the spiritual adoption prayer for babies still in the womb who are in danger of being of being aborted and I have said it almost every day since I found it.

But, after a time, many of us with little faith struck her from our regular rounds. But lo and behold, she has reappeared and her excuse has been accepted by the parish liturgist.

She and her husband have adopted a brother and sister and are working on adopting their younger sister too. They all came out of a foster care system. How wonderful for them, and for the children. Please add them all to your prayer lists.

At the same, Jayne struggled with "spiritual dryness" in her prayer life, something which she did not expect considering what she had been up to. She has some interesting links dealing with dryness. I haven't seen it addressed much by bloggers, but I would bet that it does happen to most of us. I know it happens to me for periods.

Check out Jayne's post and welcome her back

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