Saturday, June 30, 2007

Long Holiday Weekend at the Pioneer Press?

Dateline: Pioneer Press Article Last Updated: 06/28/2007 06:39:59 PM CDT


Pope Benedict XVI is going to allow wider use of the Latin Mass, which disappeared from most Catholic churches in the years following church reforms of the 1960s. The Mass, the central liturgy of the church, is usually said in the parishioners' native language.

Some people will argue whether this return to Latin is a step forward or a step backward. But we imagine it as a business opportunity... .

Worried about sounding stupid in the pews on Sunday? Call the Mea Culpa Crew!

Mea Culpa Crew members come to your house dressed in cassocks and surplices just like real altar boys! They assess your Latin skills and provide intensive training so that you don't get caught mumbling during the Confiteor!

All Mea Culpa Crew associates are 50s-and-older men who were once altar boys and cannot get those phrases out of their heads! And guess what - they don't know what it means, either!

Call 1-555-MEA-CULP and tell us how long it has been since your last Latin Mass! Pioneer Press

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