Monday, June 11, 2007

Madison's Bishop Morlino: "We are Still in an Age for the Construction of Cathedrals"

Parishioners of St. Raphael Cathedral reacted with joy at the announcement Sunday from Bishop Robert Morlino that the new cathedral will be built downtown on the site of the old one.
"I truly believe in my heart that the decision at which I have arrived is what God wills, to the best of my ability to discern that will," Morlino told about 300 people, many of whom formed a procession from Mass at St. Patrick Church, across the Capitol Square, pausing at the Capitol to pray and say grace, and continuing on to the parking lot of St. Raphael, 222 W. Main St.

Morlino quoted John Glennon, the Roman Catholic archbishop of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, who about a century ago was faced with the task of building a cathedral church for the archdiocese of that city.

"Times change, but they don't change that much," Morlino said.

Glennon echoed the wishes of Catholics in his diocese, noting that there were some who might advise against building a cathedral.

"This, they might urge, is not a cathedral-building age," Glennon said. "Religion requires today consecrated lives, not magnificent temples. The true building is not that made by hands -- the building of principle, character, purpose, the elevation of lives through sacrifice, prayer and devotion."

People should worship God in spirit, and if there is a surplus of goods, they should be used for "the poor, the sick and the lowly," Glennon said.

But, until the cathedral is built, the circle is not complete, the work of God is unfinished, Glennon said.

"The material structure is just as necessary for the proper observance of that religion as our material bodies are to the life of the soul," he said. [...Snip] Capitol Times

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