Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Looking for a Presidential Candidate? Try Brownback for Size!

If this guy hates him, Senator Sam Brownback might just be the man for you!

Greetings from Kansas, where I am home with family starting a summer of writing on the road. Kansas is also home to Sen. Sam Brownback whose presidential campaign has yet to crest the two percent mark in most GOP polls. He trails even "None of these candidates." If there were a percentile ranking for compassion, he would rank even lower.

Speaking before the National Catholic Men's Conference, Brownback said women who become pregnant from rape or incest should carry the pregnancy to term.

Brownback's argument follows a preverse "two wrongs don't make a right" logic for which the assembled Catholic men gave him a standing ovation. Without any discussion of the millenia of sexist indoctrination introducing the concept of male dominance before a man even considers rape, Brownback ignores the original sin to get to the red meat—the "compounding" issue of abortion.

From a purely political standpoint, Brownback's campaign is raising no money, attracting no voters, and bringing no new ideas to the table. His debate performances have a Howdy-Doodey on meth quality that only serve as comic relief from the dour Reps. Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo. He seems to believe the only way to attract attention is to state extreme positions in front of friendly audiences.

While there is no fear he will become President of the United States (which I offer as proof there is a benevolent God), there is one very real fear where his candidacy is concerned: his ego will not allow him to end it anytime soon, or better yet, yesterday. In spiritual matters, ego is the thing that trips us mere mortals up the most.

Instead he will continue his verbal gay bashing and oratorical rape hoping he might reach double digits in Iowa. Like those who physically rape and abuse, he won't stop to consider what he is doing to the body politic in the process. Nothing matters but him. Reproductive Health Reality Check

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