Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Roamin' Roman Rules! St Paul Cathedral by Night!

Those of you veteran bloggers will remember that glorious year a couple of years ago when UST student, the Roamin' Roman spent her senior year in Rome at the Angelicum, studying not a lick, but taking photos of every church in Italy and posting them with knowledgeable comments for all to see on her blog, saving all a fortune in travel costs.

Well, she did graduate out of a sense of gratitude on behalf of UST one supposes, she returned, resumed her membership as a parishioner of the Cathedral of St Paul and found a job in a local parish, organizing the faiths of one and all.

But the occasion of the celebration of the Centennial of the laying of the cornerstone of the St Paul Cathedral in 1907 was too much for her and she couldn't resist and dug out her camera and spent the evening last Thursday for the lighting of the Cathedral's outside for the first time in unknown memory.

Check out her blog at Veritatis Splendor and be sure to click on the photos which will take you to her Picasa photo album.

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