Friday, April 4, 2008

Archbishop Flynn, Soon to Retire, Interviewed by MPR on April 4

Some weeks ago, the news director of Minnesota Public Radio, Tom Crann (FM 911), conducted a long interview with Archbishop Harry Flynn as they toured the Saint Paul Cathedral together. Archbishop Flynn recalled many of the highlights that occurred at the Cathedral during his 11 years here (his installation, Archbishop Roach's funeral, the Cardinals' Dinner, the post 911 services, etc.) as well as interesting points about our magnificent Cathedral. A video photographer took video for use on the MPR website.

MPR informs us that that interview is scheduled to run (barring major breaking news) tonight (Friday, April 4th) for eight minutes at 4:51 p.m.. It promises to be wonderful listening for all of us who have had the honor of serving of serving our faithful under this outstanding church leader.

An extended version of the interview, with some images, has been placed in the MPR archives on their web page.

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