Monday, April 28, 2008

More good news from UST; the On-Line Petition for the Extraordinary Form Latin Mass at UST

Mary Gibson (Veritatis Splendor) has scouted out the Internet and unveiled the secret petition form for the University of St Thomas requesting that the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Mass using the 1962 missal be offered on campus. It just went online today. But there are 80 other signatures made with goose quill pens using the finest India ink, I'm told.

But before you sign the petition, grab your wallet and read Mary's post in March relating to her request relating to her discernment of a call with the Benedictines of Mary and hopes to enter the convent on June 11th of this year.

Here's the hot skinny on the petition from the UST newspaper, The Aquin:

A petition has been launched at St.Thomas to have the traditional Latin Mass celebrated on campus. This is the Mass that was celebrated in the Catholic Church for almost 1,500 years, until the Mass of Pope Paul VI after the Second Vatican Council.

The petition was located at Sitzmann Hall, the home for the center of Catholic studies, and has about 80 signatures so far. It is now available online.

Joe Trojack, a St. Thomas graduate student enrolled at the School of Law, started the petition because of the powerful influence Latin Mass has had on his Catholic faith. He said he wants to share the experience with the rest of the university.

“This is something I want to give St. Thomas,” he said. “It’s so beautiful and it’s like this treasure that a lot of people don’t know about.”

With the very limited offerings of the Latin Mass, most college-aged Catholics have never been to one of these Masses. Vernacular Masses, offered in English, are most common at and around St. Thomas. The traditional Latin Mass, formally known as the Tridentine Mass, has not been offered on campus since around 1969, Trojack said. . . .

The old Tridentine rite was never banned, but after the mid-1960s reforms of the Second Vatican Council, bishops had to grant priests permission before they could say the Mass.

Pope Benedict XVI has now eased restrictions on this Mass. Benedict’s new ruling gives priests the opportunity to celebrate the Tridentine Mass if a “stable group of faithful” requests it....

Although the petition formally ended last Friday, there is now an online petition that people can sign.

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