Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Tridentine Mass: What, When, Who, Where and Why?


**Learn interesting and practical facts about the Tridentine Mass origin, its use over the centuries and important Mass vocabulary.**

When: Saturday APRIL 12, 2008 begins at 7:30am

Where: St. Augustine Church in South Saint Paul

Topic: The Tridentine Mass: What, When, Who, Where and Why? Presented by Fr. Bryan Pedersen.

Rosary begins at 7:35 am Mass at 8:00 am and Fr. Pedersen's talk at 9:00 am

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Anonymous said...

For those of you that missed this talk it looks as if it will be made available as I think it was recorded. Father's talk was very informative and hopefully one can bring the CD version to the rest of the Archdiocese to catechize others on the importance of understanding that the liturgy needs to have an organic growth which shows a unity of the current liturgy to that from the beginnings of the Church. We need more talks of this nature to help bring about the implementation of the holy father's recent motu proprio.

Marc, St. Augustine parish