Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Are you in need of a "cassock fix" to stabilize your faith

The other day, it was reported here that an Argentinian religious order, the Institute of the Incarnate Word ("I.V.E."), has begun to staff the parish of St. Peter and Paul in Mankato after the Jesuits left after 130 years.

A Mankato source informs us that the priests, who all regularly wear cassocks (as opposed to suits) will also be opening a school for young boys from foreign countries who are interested in discerning vocations as priests. They are starting this year already with 18 boys, all of whom will also wear cassocks to school.

So if your faith is a bit wobbly and you feel a need for a "cassock fix" to stabilize it, take a drive down to Mankato some weekend and come back revitalized by 20 or so men and boys suitably attired. [Fathers Echert and Pedersen might want to take a trip down there so they won't feel so lonely in their cassocks, too].

A friend, who lives in the Twin Cities, told me that she is thrilled also because she would like to "occasionally go to Confession in her native language." So tell any Argentinians you know of this news also.

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