Saturday, August 30, 2008

Enlightened progressives turn sexist when Republicans choose a woman

How about that? Hypocrites!

Gerald Naus in his new blog points out that Democratic stalwarts who have fought for Hillary for four years all of a sudden are worried about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's ability to serve as Vice-President. "Who will take care of her children?" one worried.

A curious spectacle indeed. The oh-so-enlightened resorting to stereotypes of old. John Roberts of CNN asked how she will take care of her children if she’s elected. Did he become a Dobson disciple over night ? Hmm. Countless others, from Obama lover Andrew Sullivan [a practicing homosexual who fancies himself to be a catholic] to the official Obama statement denigrated her in one way or another.

The official Obama statement said she was a mayor of a small town - neglecting to add that she’s the governor of Alaska. Obama was a community organizer, something below a mayor obviously. Palin took on her OWN party and oil companies and Republican corruption - she nixed the infamous bridge to nowhere. Obama used people and then threw them under the bus. He was a radical Afrocentrist when it suited him, a friend of a retired, unrepentant terrorist, and so forth.

Sullivan and others mocked her for having been a beauty queen at 18. How very progressive. But questioning her motherly qualities (after she decided to have the Down Syndrome baby at the age 44) coming from progressives takes the cake, when they have been supporting ‘working mothers’ for eons.

Then of course there’s the usual denigration of small towns, for as we know, progressives piss on those. The woman made herself, married her high school sweet heart, started in the PTA and made it all the way to governor, with her own party campaigning against her. Now that’s change I can believe in. . . .

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